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The Man-Thing Vol.1 #8

The Man-Thing Vol.1 #8

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Crashing their hovercraft into the Man-Thing, F. A. Schist and Hargood Wickham find themselves stranded in the swamps. However they follow the Man-Thing into the La Hacienda, and learn that it is the location of the Fountain of Youth. The Man-Thing however, is taken back in by Lorena and the Capitan.

The two take the Man-Thing to the Fathers, who agree to allow them to find a way to restore the Man-Thing to a normal human. They devise a process to filter out the swamp-muck that comprises the base of the Man-Thing's bulk, while infusing the body with waters from the Fountain, causing the Man-Thing to slowly change back into a human. They are confronted by Schist and Wickham who offer them a business proposal. However, the Man-Thing breaks free and tries to attack them, causing Wickham to flee in fear and seemingly plummet to his death.

*This is a PENCE copy, the price on the cover is 7p.

Estimated Condition: VG (used)

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