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The Prisoner - Full Set (Books A, B, C, D)

The Prisoner - Full Set (Books A, B, C, D)

  • £9.95

This sale is for the full set, nos #A - #D

If you were fortunate enough to catch The Prisoner on BBC television, you already know that it was a remarkable series—possibly the finest television series ever. In its self-limited run, it told the story of a secret agent (possibly Frank Drake from the old Secret Agent Man series) who wanted out. Instead, he was kidnapped and taken to a strange island town called simply, “the Village.” There, identities are replaced by numbers—and the agent was subjected to endless mind games in an effort to gain information from him (we never find out which side wants the information). However, the agent, now known only as “Number Six” resisted all attempts to break him, eventually fulfilling a promise not only to escape, but to destroy the Village. Afterward, he simply disappeared.

This series serves as the “official” sequel to The Prisoner. It begins years later, as British intelligence discovers the whereabouts of the now-abandoned Village…

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