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The Spider-Man #649 (British Comic 1985)

The Spider-Man #649 (British Comic 1985)

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Old British comic from 1985.

With sales of Spider-Man dropping, Marvel UK noted that other comics aimed at younger readers were selling strongly and decided to repitch the title at this audience. The Spider-Man stories from the mainstream US titles were replaced, first by the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends story from the Denver Post free comic, then by reprints of Spidey Super Stories. Other strips included Star Comics' Wally the Wizard (retitled Willy the Wizard in case readers found Wally an unintentionally amusing name, somehow overlooking that Willy had even greater double entendre humour potential) and Fraggle Rock, plus two humour strips from Lew Stringer: Captain Wally and Snail-Man. Dukes of Hazzard, reprinted from Polystyle's TV Comic, was added in #638, and Indiana Jones from Marvel's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones in #646.

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