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Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #3

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #3

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Cover by Mike Whelan.

The Star Magi 6 pages. Story by Tony Isabella. Pencils by Gene Colan. Inks by Frank Chiaramonte. Framing sequence for stories in anthology.

Occupation force. Adapted from the story by Frank Herbert. Script by Gerry Conway. Pencils by George Perez. Inks by Klaus Janson. A gigantic space ship arrives on Earth with some stunning news about humanities origin.

Not long before the end. 15 pages. Adapted from the story by Larry Niven. Script by Doug Moench. Art by Vincente Alcazar. An aging wizard must continually renew the source of his magic. What happens when he finds out magic may be vanishing from the world altogether?

Interview with author Frank Herbert. 7 pages.

Gestation 7 pages. Story and art by Bruce Jones. An exploration team lands on a distant planet only to find the planet has a strange effect on them all.

Article on the Science Fiction Writers of America. 4 pages.

Repent Harlequin, said the Ticktockman. 17 pages. Adapted from the story by Harlan Ellison. Script by Roy Thomas. Art by Alex Nino. Can a free spirit survive in the ultimate structured society? And can he make it a little more like him.

80 pages. B & W. 

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