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Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #4

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #4

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Cover by Frank Brunner.

"An Official Inquiry" 6 pages. Story by Tony Isabella. Pencils by Don Heck. Inks by Frank Chiaramonte. Framing sequence for stories in anthology.

"The Enchanted Village" 11 pages. Adapted from the story by A E Van Vogt. Script by Don and Maggie Thompson. Art by Dick Giordano. A crashed pilot on a hostile planet finds an alien sanctuary. But will the cost of survival be too high to pay?

Interview with author A E Van Vogt. 6 pages.

"A Vision of Venus" 5 pages. Adapted from the story by Otis Adelbert Kline. Script and art by Tim Conrad. A botanist on Venus finds love in the strangest places.

Science Fiction news column by Don and Maggie Thompson 3 pages.

"Good News from the Vatican" 7 pages. Adapted from the story by Robert Silverberg. Script by Gerry Conway. Art by Ading Gonzales. In the future, can even a robot be pope?

"Encounter at War" 14 pages. Story by Jan Strnad. Art by Rich Corben. Trapped in an alien prison, a soldier must decide if he can save his captain, or just himself.

"Kick the Can" 8 pages. Story and art by Bruce Jones. Parallels are drawn between a childs game and a life or death struggle between two former friends. 80 pages. B&W.

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