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Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #6

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #6

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Estimated Condition: GD/VG (Used) *staples loose on binding

Vol. 1, No. 6 November-December 1975. Cover by Frank Brunner illustrating “Behold the Man.” Final bi-monthly issue of this magazine (an “annual” issue followed), which published illustrated versions of original and classic science fiction stories. This issue contains: “Behold the Man” (story by Michael Moorcock, script by Doug Moench, art by AlexNino); “Mind Games” (story and art by John Allison); “Old Soldier” (story and art by Bruce Jones); “Visitation” (story by Don Glut, art by Reuben Yandoc). FEATURES: Interview with Bob Shaw; editorial by Roy Thomas; letters.

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