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Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction Special Edition #1

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction Special Edition #1

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"A Martian Odyssey" is the title to the first story featured in the special edition one-shot of the Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction illustrated magazine anthology series published by Marvel Comics and Curtis Magazines. The story is an adaptation written by Donald F. Glut based on an original story by Stanley Weinbaum.

It was illustrated and inked by Ruben Yandoc. The second story is called "Journey's End!" by writer Bruce Jones and artist Alex Niño. The third tale is titled "The Forest for the Trees!" and was also written by Bruce Jones. It was penciled and inked by Vicente Alcazar.

The next feature is "Clete", which is written and illustrated by Bruce Jones. Bruce serves up the following tale, "Preservation of the Species", as well. This is followed by "Sinner" by Archie Goodwin, then "Arena", which is an adaptation written by Gerry Conway based on a story by Frederic Brown. It is drawn by John Buscema and inked by Dick Giordano.

The final tale is called "Threads" and is by Mat Warrick and artist Adrian Gonzales. All stories were edited by Roy Thomas with Archie Goodwin as consulting editor and John David Warner as consulting editor.

This issue shipped to retailers in 1976 and carries a cover price of $1.25 per copy (US).

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