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Warrior Magazine #26

Warrior Magazine #26

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Written by Steve Moore (as Pedro Henry), Grant Morrison, Antonio Segura, Dez Skinn, Carlos Trillo, Alan Moore, Carl Critchlow and Dave Reeder. Art by Garry Leach, John Ridgway, Leopoldo Sanchez, Horacio Altuna, David Lloyd, Tony Weare, Carl Critchlow, William Simpson and David Hine. Featuring: Zirk in a 2-page story by Steve Moore and Garry Leach (appearing on the front and back covers); Liberators story "Night Moves" by Grant Morrison and John Ridgway; Bogey story "The Money-Go-Round" by Antonio Segura, Dez Skinn and Leopoldo Sanchez; "The Many Worlds of Cyril Tompkins, Chartered Accountant" by Carlos Trillo and Horacio Altuna; V for Vendetta story "Book Two - Chapter Twelve - The Verdict" by Alan Moore, David Lloyd and Tony Weare; "The Black Currant" by Carl Critchlow; Big Ben tale by Dez Skinn, William Simpson and David Hine; and 2-page Sweat Shop Talk article "Horror Comics" by Dave Reeder.