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Adventure Comics #434

Adventure Comics #434

  • £14.95

A series of bizarre murders by manikins draws the attention of law enforcement, Det. Corrigan, and The Spectre. Further investigation leads Corrigan to Monarch Mannikins, whose shipment was involved in said attacks. It is here that he gets a lead that despite mostly being manufactured by machine, a few of the manikins are still made by hand by Ezekiel "Zeke" Borosovitch. When questioned about the possibility of them coming to life and attacking people, Zeke admits that they might do so as they have feelings that most people ignore. By chance, he encounters Gwen, kidnaps her, makes a manikin in her likeness, and has it attack Corrigan. The attempt fails and Corrigan, as the Spectre, engages with and dispatches Zeke's manikin army before transforming the maker himself into one of his former creations.

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