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Weird Magazine #2 - Eeerie Publications - 1966 - FACSIMILIE 2023 Reprint

Weird Magazine #2 - Eeerie Publications - 1966 - FACSIMILIE 2023 Reprint

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The Weird Facsimile series continues with the second issue of the classic horror comic magazine, published in April 1966 by Eerie Publications. Published by the notorious Myron Fass, editing by the creator of the Human Torch, Carl Burgos, and painted cover by Bob Powell.

Inside you’ll find “The Web of the Widow,” “Scream No More My Lady,” “Fangs of Fear” (starring giant thinking rats), “I, the Coffin” where a coffin tells its own story (a bizarre imitation of Ray Bradbury’s famous “I, Rocket”), “Red Riding Hood and the Werewol and four more horror feasts.

Who drew all of these? Well, there’s a reason they all look like Iger Shop, pre-code horror. They are. All the stories are b&w reprints from titles like Haunted Thrills, Fantastic, Strange Fantasy, Fantastic Fears and Voodoo! We’re not sure what editor Carl Burgos was doing, besides picking out what to reprint? But it’s fun to see these in larger size, in crisp black and white instead of muddy, badly reproduced color (as many of Farrell’s original comics were, where these are from). And the Bob Powell cover is pretty cool, obviously inspired by Frazetta’s wonderful early covers for Creepy and Eerie.

Due to Eerie’s bizarre numbering system, this issue is labelled as Volume 1 #11, legacy number #2.  This facsimile has been lovingly restored and printed on top quality gloss paper. The issue is solid, pre-code horror comics that go right onto the back cover. There are no ads.

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