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World War Hulks : Captain America Vs Wolverine #1

World War Hulks : Captain America Vs Wolverine #1

  • £4.95

Wolverine and Captain America have been transformed into Hulks during their battle against the Intelligencia. Crashing from the Helicarrier down to the streets of Washington, D.C., the two begin to fight. Wolverine still has some control over his condition thanks to his healing factor.

However, it cannot totally cope with the transformation he has undergone and knows that unless they are cured soon, they will both die. Wolverine tries to keep his rage under control, but Captain America keeps on stoking his anger.

As he struggles to maintain his sanity, this battle reminds Wolverine of the time years ago when Wolverine last fought Captain America, back when he was the Russian operative known as the Winter Soldier.

First, his mind drifts back to the torture he endured all those years ago in Chicago, but his mind drifts back further to earlier on that fateful day.

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