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X-Men: The Hidden Years #1 to #8 (Lot of 8 Comics)

X-Men: The Hidden Years #1 to #8 (Lot of 8 Comics)

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From issues #67 through #93 of the original X-Men series, Marvel reprinted issues #12-45 due to low sales. As a result, people have wondered for years what happened to the mutant heroes during this lengthy hiatus. Now the answers are here as legendary X-Men artist John Byrne is joined by original series artist Tom Palmer to fill in the gaps with tales from the X-Men’s hidden years.

The adventure begins as The X-Men manage to awaken Professor Xavier from a deep coma only to discover the professor is not his usual self. Meanwhile, Iceman decides to walk away from the team, and Cyclops, The Beast, Marvel Girl, and Angel must return to The Savage Land to thwart the evil plans of Magneto who was believed dead.

Each issue captures all the magic of the X-Men’s early adventures while giving fans a chance to watch two master storytellers at work.

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